Title of the Project:“Assessment of Social-Economic and Medical needs of UXO/ERW/AXO victims of the last 3 counties of Albania, (Tirana, Fier and Vlora)”

This survey is prepared by ALB-AID within framework of the Albanian Mine Action Programme with the financial support of the State Department of USA, Office of Weapons Removal and Abatement through ITF-Enhancing Human Security Slovenia
Ky studim është kryer nga Shoqata ALB-AID me mbështetjen financiare te Zyres për Paksimin dhe Largimin e Armëve, Departamenti i Shtetit të SHBA përmes Fondit Ndërkombëtar të Mirëbesimit për Rritjen e Sigurisë Njerëzore (ITF) Slloveni


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Period: 01 January 2015 - 31 March 2016

Assessment of Social-Economic and Medical needs of UXO/ERW/AXO victims of the last 3 counties of Albania, (Tirana, Fier and Vlora)

Donor : United States Department of State’s office of Weapons Removal & Abatement.
Project Period 01 January 2015 – 01 March 2016 (15 months)
Period of Reporting: January 2015- January 2016
Date of  Reporting(submission) 14.01.2016
Nr of pages 9
Prepared by:  Jonuz Kola- Project Manager
Directed to: Natasa Ursic (ITF)
Distributed to: Arben Braha, Director, Albanian Mine and Munitions Coordination Office (AMMCO)

I.     General Statement of the Project Implementation to date

The project started as planned. Implementation of the project is foreseen to be done in 4 phases as follows: I) Preparatory Phase II) Completion of the questionnaire through individual interviews; III) Medical checks; IV) Data processing and preparation of the survey study;

The following has been completed from 01 January 2015 until 15 January 2016:

Phase I. Preparatory Phase.

After the selection of staff, contacts were established with key actors involved and interested in conducting the survey which are the Ministry of Social Welfare and Youth and the Department of National Social Services. Although ALB – AID staff had capacities to collect data and perform the survey, a short refresh training was conducted with the survey team for the techniques and specifications of interviewing the victims.

The former questionnaire designed in cooperation with AMMCO VA specialist during the former project for Needs Assessment in 8 counties of Albania, is being used. The questionnaire is based on a model used by ICRC and GICHD in other countries for similar Victims Assistance projects. It has only been adapted to the Albanian context.

After establishing cooperation with the Ministry of Social Welfare and Youth, to ensure institutional support from the Ministry and subordinate regional Social Service Directorates, National Social Services Department was contacted.

Regional Directorates of Social Service of Fier and Tirana were visited to present the project and to discuss for the project objectives and requirements of the survey. The director of Vlora County was not contacted, because the director was on leave for a long period of time.

Memorandums were signed with the directorates of each county in order ensure institutional commitment for the successful completion of the questionnaire and collecting of information.

In cooperation with regional directors of social service, local liaison assistants for each county were selected, who will serve as a liaison between the ALB-AID, state social service departments and the municipal social administrators.

After meetings with local assistants of targeted counties, the Plan of visits in each municipality was developed. The AMMCO list of victims for Tirana, and Fier counties were made ​​available to the local assistants and regional social service departments to be shared with the social administrators of the municipalities.

Local assistants have organized meetings with municipal social workers of Vore, Kavaje, Lushnje, Fier and Vlore and shared with them the current list of victims, made ​​available by AMMCO. At the same time social administrators were instructed through telephone calls how to identify the current residence of victims and how to identify new victims not registered before (new victims unregistered in the AMMCO lists -if any) and to collect information on potential incidents that might have been left out these lists.

Phase II. Completion of the questionnaires –Field interviews

The second phase started in the middle of February with completion of the questionnaires through interviews of survivors in the field. After the collection of the contacts and information as well as specification of addresses by social administrators of municipalities, in coordination with local liaison assistants, the field staff started completion of questionnaires with every victim individually at their villages. During their field visits the field officers of ALB-AID were accompanied by local liaison assistants of the respective municipalities.

From January till 15 October 2015 about 160 filed trips have been realized in Fier, Vlore, Kukës and Tirana, 382 families of munitions’ victims visited, 304 victims interviewed in the regions of Tirana (Vore), Kukes, Vlore and Fier (Lushnje, Fier). Interviews lasted 50 to 78 minutes each.

During 15 June -15 October 2015: conducted 92 filed visits, 118 persons and families contacted, 83 UXO/ERW/AXO survivors interviewed. Detailed list per month below:

 Months Visits conducted in the field/Field Mission Persons/families contacted te kontaktuar Nr of persons Interviewed
Progress Report I January- March 34 138 118
Progress Report II April 14 69 65
May 8 33 24
June 12 24 14
Total 34 126 103
Progress Report III July 15 25 18
August 17 21 14
September 35 43 30
October 25 29 21
Total 92 118 83
Grand Total 160 382 304