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US Department of States / Office of Weapons Removal and Abatement
ITF (International Trust Fund for Demining and Mine Victims Assistance)
UNICEF Albania
UNDP Albania
EU Commision, Delegation in Tirana
US Embassy Austrian Federal Ministry for European and International Affairs Ambasada e Mbretërisë Norvegjeze Albanian Business
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ALB-AID seeks a progressive and tolerant society that protects social-economic rights of disadvantaged and excluded individuals and groups, victims of civil and war conflicts, as well as victims of social-economic trauma, a society where they are fully integrated in their societies, live with dignity in peace and security.


ALB-AID supports the most disadvantaged, marginalized and excluded groups and individuals with or without disabilities, victims of mines, SALW, UXO’s, ERW, victims of trafficking, abuse, violence and discrimination, amongst them, primarily children and women to have access to, and influence upon local social-economic and political resources. ALB-AID serves both to individuals and their families by using the best local resources and experience available for their social-economic and educational re-integration. In order to realize its mission ALB-AID provides technical assistance for the development and strengthening of capacities of these groups and their communities, enabling equal opportunities for every one and empowering social-economic rights of individuals.

ALB-AID is a non-governmental organization, private, non-partisan and non-profit.

ALB-AID is a non-governmental organization, private, non-partisan and non-profit. It is a continuation of former “Victims of Mines and Arms Kukes” NGO founded in November 2000. On May 2009 it was registered under a new name:  ALB-AID “Albanian Assistance for Integration and Democratic Development) and extended its activities all over Albania and broadening its services to other persons groups.

ALB-AID (Victims of Mines and Arms-Kukes) was established as a local community based NGO from the former local staff of Mine Risk Education Project of Care International after Kosovo conflict of 1999. Based on the experience and expertise gained in northeast Albania with mine survivors, ALB-AID is approaching ERW/UXO survivors and PWD in other parts of Albania to provide similar services and support for their social-economic integration.

ALB-AID uses community-based approach to overcome the root causes of poverty to improve the livelihoods of victims of mines, UXO/ERW and social trauma and PWD and provides support for the sustainable development of these communities. This is achieved through economic development of the areas and strengthening of capacities for self-help, enabling equal opportunities for every one and empowering social-economic rights of each individual.

Since it was established, ALB-AID implemented more than 70 community based projects focusing on:

  • People’s awareness/education on land mines/ UXO/ERW/SALW threat;
  • Victims Assistance with the main focus in social-economic and physical reintegration of survivors
  • Child Protection and Anti-trafficking Initiatives in Kukes region
  • Capacity building of local authorities and local social services providers dealing with children

As a result of improvement of awareness and education of communities and school children on land mines threat, accidents from mines and UXO’s have been reduced from 191 in 1999 to 0 from 2006 in Kukes County. During 2008-2013 ALB-AID has also conducted successful Risk Education activities with school children of Gerdec after the explosion of Demolition factory of Gerdec. ALB-AID has also conducted national campaign against the use Small arms and Light Weapons in Kukes, Elbasan, Gramsh, Shkoder and Puke during 2009-2011.

Through Victims Assistance Program ALB-AID has offered various services to 238 mine victims and other persons with disabilities such as logistic support to have access to medical services like physiotherapy, orthopedics, and psycho-social counseling. It has also conducted regular ongoing visits to mine survivors including peer support and social mobilization. ALB-AID has also supported mine survivors and their families with capacity building, vocational trainings and income generation initiatives.

A lot of efforts have been made to support child protection and anti-trafficking initiatives in the region. With UNICEF back up ALB-AID has established Child and Family Protection Unit in Kukes municipality, which was taken as a model and replicated all over Albania. Child and Family Protection Unit provides social services to children of Kukes municipality. It address problems of children and women at risk to trafficking, abuse and domestic violence.

To promote and monitor implementation of children’s rights in the region by Government Institutions, ALB-AID has also contributed for the establishment of Child Protection Observatory at the County. The Observatory prepared regular Annual and progress Reports on the situation of Children’s Rights in Kukes for the situation of Child Rights by the Local Institutions in Kukes County.
With the support of UNICEF during 2008-2011 an Institutional model of Students Government’s (SGs), new mandate and role, was Piloted by ALB-AID in Kukes and Korce counties. (Students Government is an Organization of Students in schools that protect students’ interests, promotes their inclusion in decision making at their schools and organizes extracurricular activities.)

In 2012 ALB-AID, based on the expertise gathered during the implementation of this Pilot Model created, in cooperation of the Ministry of Education and Science and backed up by UNICEF, has contributed for the approval of the new Law for Students Governments in the schools of Pre-university education of Albania. After the approval of the Law, the Institutional Model of SG’s created by ALB-AID was advised by the Ministry of Education to be applied allover Albania

Currently ALB-AID is working with SG’s to turn school into a place where democracy is exercised.

This is done through improvement of their capacities and promotion of their participation in the democratic process at their schools through the Moto” Participate if you want your voice to be heard and your vote to be counted”. In addition, in order to hel them express their voices and concerns, a special monthly newspaper “Jemi edhe Ne” is published since 2007.

With its continuous efforts and presence, ALB-AID has become an important factor not only in Kukes region and enjoys full support of local authorities with whom it has established excellent cooperation.
ALB-AID has created a lot of local expertise and e new model for other NGO’s of the region in mobilizing communities in the areas of community awareness, assistance, development, training and education. Some of former employees of ALB-AID have got leading positions in other Local and National Institutions and Companies.

ALB-AID has a well organized structure and system of management, which allows transparency and participation of the targeted communities in the management process. With its experience and expertise created, ALB-AID is capable and well positioned to promote broader social and economic development all over Albania.
With its continuous efforts and presence, ALB-AID has become an important factor in Kukes region and enjoys full support of local authorities with whom it has established excellent cooperation.


Victims Assitance
Risk Education/human security
Child Protection
Economic Development


Period: 01 July 2012 - 31 December 2013
Needs Assessment of Social-Economic and Medical needs of marginalised UXO/ERW victims in Albania


Project: “Needs Assessment of Social-Economic and Medical needs of marginalized UXO/ERW victims in Albania”.
Donor: Austrian Federal Ministry for European and International Affairs

A workshop is organized by ALB-AID in Tirana

[cml_media_alt id='3229']1898010_619009778153953_1035222034_n-300x200[/cml_media_alt]A workshop is organized by ALB-AID in Tirana, Albania – for the presentation of the study on the assessment of the needs of victims of ammunition (AXO) for medical services and support for their socio-economic inclusion.

The workshop was organized within the framework of the Albanian Mine Action Programme with the financial support of the Austrian Federal Ministry for European and International Affairs. the situation and needs of survivors of 6 counties of Albania (Durres, Diber, Elbasan, Berat, Gjirokaster dhe Korce ) were presented to the representatives of Government Institutions.

The workshop was attended by Mrs. Bardhylka Kospiri, Deputy Minister of Social Welfare and Youth as well as by Mrs Etleva Bisha, Director of National Social Services Department.

CCM Event in Albania 3-rd December, 2015

Celebration of the International Day of Persons with disabilities Kukes, Albania

Targeted audience: Local and National policy makers and Government officials: Participants:

Government Representatives

  1. Dilaman Nela – Director of the Department of Social Services and Economic Benefit
  2. Besart Mata- Director of Regional Social Services Department of Kukes
  3. Lirie Gjana – Coordinator of the Department of Persons with Disabilities Kukes Municipality
  4. Zaide Noka- School Master Primary school Lidhja e Prizerenit

ALB-AID staff

7 Mine/CM Survivors; Parents and teachers.


Radio Kukes, TV Juli Kukes, Albanian TV

Within Initiative “Investing in Action 2015”
With the support of CMC funding “ALB-AID”, member of the international Cluster Munitions Coalition, in cooperation with the Municipality of Kukes and Regional Social Services Department of Kukes organized a special event at the Daily Center of the Children with Disabilities of Kukes Municipality, to celebrate the International Day of Persons with disabilities, 18-th anniversary of the signing of MBT and 7th anniversary of signature of CMC.
The acttivity was greeted by the Director of Department of Social Services and Economic Benefit and the Director of Regional Social Services Department of Kukes.
Izet Ademaj –mine survivor held a speech on behalf of mine survivors, underling the importance of the implementation of the Convention of the Rights of Persons with disabilities.
On behalf of mine survivors he urged the Local and National Government to increase funding for the implementation of the Convention of PWD, to improve infrastructure for PWD,
After this the children themseleves singed songs and recited popems. A coctail was organized and Modest parcels with games and sweets were distributed to children with disabilities.

The aim of the even was:

  • to raise awareness of the Local and National Governemnt for the importance of the implementation of the Convention of the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.
  • to urge the government to intensify support for the improvement of infrastructure and access to social services for PWD.

Title of the Project: “Assessment of Social-Economic and Medical needs of marginalized UXO/ERW/AXO victims of Tirana, Vlora, Fier and Kukes Counties, Albania.” 07 January 2015 – 10 April 2016

Donor: US Department of States, Office of Weapons Removal & Abatement, through ITF Slovenia

Donor: US Department of States, Office of Weapons Removal & Abatement, through ITF Slovenia

Executive Summary

This report describes implementation of the project” Needs assessment of Social-Economic and Medical needs of marginalized UXO/ERW victims in Albania” for the period 07 January 2015-10 April 2016. The project implementation started with staff hiring and project orientation. Detailed action plan was carefully prepared in order to meet the deadlines. A large amount of research work was conducted by the project team during January – March 2015 mobilizing other NGO resources, immediately after the project start. Survey materials including the questionnaire were prepared and printed. Contacts were established with the Ministry of Social Welfare and Youth (MSWY) and Departments of Social Services (DSS) of targeted counties and preliminary information about survivors was gathered from different sources. A round table was organized with the representatives of DSS to explain the project methodology, to get their support and to mobilize their resources for the project implementation.

Information about mine victims gathered from Albanian Mine and Munitions Coordination Office (AMMCO) and other sources was shared with social workers of the municipalities of targeted counties in the workshops organized with them where they were instructed on the identification of potential survivors, including their addresses. With the support of social workers, 382 mine/UXO victims were visited, out of which 304 survivors were interviewed each individually.

According to the list provided by AMMCO in the IMSMA database there were registered 309 accidents with UXO/AXO. During field visits another 118 new unreported cases of accidents with UXOs/AXO were identified by the social administrators. During the project period there were conducted 160 filed visits, 382 persons and families contacted, 304 UXO/ERW/AXO survivors interviewed in 4 counties.

According to the data collected in the field and identification made in total there are 382 UXO/AXO victims including 118 new victims identified during the project out of which 304 have been interviewed. From the list of 309 persons provided by AMMCO 187 persons were interviewed, while 122 victims were not interviewed for the following reasons: 15 died at the time of accident, 16 died after the accident, 44 not found in the addresses provided, 4 persons did not accept to be interviewed, 31 changed their addresses and 12 have migrated to other countries. IMSMA forms were completed with 111 new identified UXO/AXO survivors and filed to AMMCO to be included into the IMMSMA data base. The data gathered from the questionnaires were computerized and analyzed. A database was established and information was merged with the other 8 counties and processed for the whole country. A Detailed Study was on the current situation and needs of UXO/AXO survivors was produced for the whole country (including other 8 counties) with the data gathered which is published and shared with all stakeholders.

The main results:

  • A detailed solid national social-economic database of UXO/ERW survivors and their need was produced and merged with the existing Data Base of 6 regions already consolidated, maintained by ALB-AID, is shared with Albanian Line Ministries and Local Municipal Service providers for Social Support
  • A detailed /thorough study with identified needs, recommendations Albania, and future steps to be taken and support to be provided to UXO/ERW/AXO survivors by government and non government institutions was prepared and is published.
  • Increased awareness and responsibility of the Local Government Institutions (Social Welfare Departments) about UXO/AXO survivors and their needs for social and economic inclusion.
  • Increased commitment of the Ministry of Social Welfare and Youth to include mine/UXO survivors in the government policies
  • Improved tools of lobbing and advocacy for the Mine UXO survivors (The study)

Title of the Project - “Ref: ALB-14/0008 - “Promotion of Students Governments``

PHASE III: 07 JANUARY 2015 – 10 APRIL 2016

Donor: Ambasada e Mbretërisë Norvegjeze

Ne kuadrin e projektit “Merrni pjesë nëse dëshironi që zëri juaj të dëgjohet dhe vota juaj të numërohet” financuar nga Ambasada e Mbretërisë Norvegjeze me datë 04 Maj 2016 në Kukës Shoqata ALB-AID organizoi aktivitetin përmbyllës për Promovimin e Librit me krijimtaritë e nxënësve titulluar  “Jemi edhe Ne”.

Në këtë aktivitet morën pjesë nxënësit e shkollave të Qarkut Kukës (Kukës, Has dhe Tropojë). Morën pjesë dhe ndoqën nga afër këtë aktivitet Drejtori i DAR Kukës Z. Kujtim Ademi, Ambasadori i Norvegjisë shkëlqesia e tij Z. Jan Braathu, i shoqëruar nga Z. Gent Lepja – Manaxher i projekteve të Ambasadës Norvegjeze. Gjithashtu ky aktivitet kishte si qëllim vlerësimin e krijimeve më të mira të Nxënësve, në proze, poezi dhe vizatim.
Çmimin i pare: për prozë e fitoi nxënësja Arselinda Shurbi, shkolla 9-Vjeçare, Vranisht, për poezi nxënësja Gentijana Pepa, shkolla e mesme “Bajram Abdiu”, Bicaj, për artet figurative nxënësja Fatjona Buçpapaj, shkolla e mesme “Asim Vokshi”, Bajram Curri.

Hapy children, Happy future – Within the framework of the International Children’s Day, on June 1, ALB-AID association in close partnership with the Regional Department of Education Kukes and with the support of the Norwegian Embassy in Pristina, organized a series of activities where have been involved the school children of Kukes town. The aim of the activity was to promote children’s participation in socio-educational activities. 15 students received awards for the top three spots in athletics, drawing and children’s song festival.

This event was attended by the Regional Director of Education, Head of the Kukes Council, the General Secretary of the Kukes Prefecture, the General Administrator of Kukes Municipality, school teachers, etc.